Western Europe

London, United Kingdom

  • St Paul's Cathedral, London
    St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Red telephone boxes and buses, London
    Red telephone boxes and buses
  • Palace of Westminster and Big Ben, London
    Palace of Westminster and Big Ben
  • Street of London
    Street of London
  • St Pancras Station, London
    St Pancras Station
  • Tower Bridge, London
    Tower Bridge

Berlin, Germany

  • Brandenburg Gate at night, Berlin
    Brandenburg Gate at night
  • Fernsehturm and Alexanderplatz, Berlin
    Fernsehturm and Alexanderplatz
  • Berlin Cathedral
    Berlin Cathedral
  • Charlottenburg Palace
    Charlottenburg Palace
  • Berlin City Hall
    Berlin City Hall
  • The Reichstag at night, Berlin
    The Reichstag at night


  • Palais Ducal, Luxembourg
    Palais Ducal
  • Grund, Luxembourg
  • Passage du Palais, Luxembourg
    Passage du Palais, Luxembourg